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Well, whoops.

Neither of us is single anymore. Whoops. 

It was a good run, however. We hope you had fun here!

Enjoy our misanthropic rantings (not nearly as funny, sadly) over at:


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Poseur. Or actually no poses at all.

Poseur. Or actually no poses at all.

I have a yoga and meditation space set up in my house.

I never do either. It just looks like I do and I don’t disabuse any visitors of the notion that I do.

I’m even certified as a teacher. Nope. Don’t do that either.

Oh the shame.

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A hot, Sunday evening

This is what single ladies, hanging out at home, Skyping with one another, DO on a Sunday night: WE LOOK AT YOUR ADS ON CRAIGSLIST.


We are not kidding.

I can’t talk right now because I laughed until I almost puked up really expensive Malbec.

I made my coconspirator on this site laugh so hard, she probably will be more well tomorrow, but still not able to speak.

I mean, really, people, WTF???

I was sorely tempted by the “I need to see your panties and cum in them” guy to start to replace my $1 a pair K-Mart panties by making regular appointments with this pervert. He claimed to be able to compensate me for my time and lost, ruined underwear.

You all know I hate the stupid pink ones, anyway…

— Ari

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This is what happens, Larry…


When you find the box of costumes after consuming a bottle of wine…

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


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I don’t want to go out in that. This is CO girl talking, too! KS snow can be so lovely and mild. Make you forget how deadly the shit can be. But I need wine. And black-eyed peas. *sighs* Snowboots, I suppose. The store’s not much further away than those buildings.

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finally celebrating something

finally celebrating something

This is what a shameful single does on the Saturday after Black Friday when her parents left the premises after visiting for a few days. I did wait till 12 noon. Happy holiday season!


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